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The Trail of Hip-Hop from Mother Africa

Hip-Hop, d griot (oral historian), d slavemaster tried 2 take out/–fish still swim upstream, no caught trout/–that joker don’t know what it b bout/–we children of d sun/–we ain’t weanies on bun/–breakdance, fist 2 tabletop, human beatbox, streetball, we still standing tall/–caveman came 2 Africa cause he was on crawl/–he needed d light of Africa, so he could stand tall/–Ice, void of life/–that how dat joker got in all kind of vice/–now we rolling dice on concrete jungles in a foreign land/–everyday hard as a baseball bat, caveman cause that/–where do we go 4rm here/–black folk don’t fear/–d ancestors said 4rm d bottom, we coming up/–they words don’t slip/–we gotta get hip/–drop d joint & d sip/–let common sense rip/–lock hands now on dat Freedom Trip.

8:28 am