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Music in Our Souls


(painting by: Aaron Douglass)–read his his bio

Why is music so important to Black people? We are music and music is us. We are creative and talented. From our soul, our essence, our core—what we Africans gave the world is unlike no other in the world. No matter what, our music has transcended time. From the glorious kingdoms of Africa, to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean (The Middle Passage) or the Indian Ocean as we were carried to foreign lands in slavery, our music has survived.

The music has survived pass the slavemasters whips, the cotton fields, tobacco fields, sugar cane fields, our music has survived.

Our music was and is our solid foundation to lean on in troubled times. Our music and God was our Mother & Father when we were motherless & fatherless in a foreign land.

Our beloved music soothed us to sleep when the nights were long & lonely. Our music stroked the fires of revolt in our souls to stand up and fight for our freedom.

The music of Africa pounded away reminding us we can keep going, reminding us we are who we are, reminding us Africa was our native land.

The music kept the beauty of Africa in our minds, hearts, and souls. The music was our counselor when everything seemed like there was no direction.

From the music we stood up, braced ourselves, shook the dust of cruelty, and all the evils of mankind, and got in beat with the music of Mother Africa, and made our own music.

Oh dear Mother Africa, we are your children. From you we are inspired to keep your music, your story,our story…pounding away with your rhythms, your lessons, your gifts.

Even though we are a long ways from you…your story, your heart, soul, and mind lives in us, and we live in your rhythms through the blues, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Gospel, House Music, Ballads, Bass, etc. We are giving to the world what you gave us. Your fire, your desire, your love is with us forever Mother Africa

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