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Mixed Tape & Spoken Word/–Present Day Mindless Radio

Look like now we got to make old school mixed tapes or know somebody who can put them together for us. I am so glad to have so much music.

When I have time or a day to do so, I put together my own old school mixed Mp3 folders of music I like to go on my phone & tablets or Mp3 players (the cd player is about dead). I break the folders down by category. Jazz, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Contemporary Jazz, Straight Forward Jazz, Conscious Hip-Hop, Spoken Word.

Ain’t nothing on the Radio now these days but a bunch of 3 words songs wt tight beats or hook filled songs. Mindless Music. I cant get down wt that. Spoken Word, might just be our last bit of Sanity in Music. Even if it is spit Acapella. Bringing in a tight beat is even better.

Spoken Word Artists are The Light in This Instant Grit Society. Made to Dumb Folk down to Mindless Spenders feeding the Beast.

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