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Conscious Rap Music…The Light Giver.


Do not sleep on Conscious Rap Music/–an institution in and of itself.

Music that frees the mind is what we need now, in the past, and in the future. 

Our storytellers, Our Djelis, Our Griots—have always laid the word down for us to learn from.  We brought that heritage with us across the water (The Middle Passage/The Atlantic Ocean)—all the way from Mother Africa.  We are a people with so many talents—we are blessed. 

Music, storytelling, dance, art, math, science—we all have mastered in the past.  We still have those great skills.  Yet, we have been put to sleep.  If we listen close enough to the words from our modern day word specialists–we will learn through the words they drop in our ears & on our minds.

There are a lot of distractions in this world.  But we need to sit down and listen to one of the few learning institutions we still got.  The word is hard to kill.  The word lives on top of a beat.  The word lives on vibrations.  The word lives in our songs.  The word lives in our minds, bodies, and souls.  The word is eternal.  Even before light was here, the word was here.  We need to rededicate ourselves to listening to the word.

Our artists spend all their lives to pass the word to us.  They sacrifice their own comforts: families, security, lives, and so much more.  Our word specialists know there is a much bigger family than their own family.  So they pass the word & the knowledge to lighten up our lives, to teach us, to inspire us, to have us look back, so we can look forward and build.

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