Jewels4dmind Survey

Welcome to your Jewels4dmind Survey


1) Where did you first hear or read of Jewels4dmind Blog?
2) What is your Favorite Subject/Subjects as a Reader?
3) Do you mostly use a Desktop/Laptop or Mobile Devices (Phones/Tablets) to Surf the Web?
4) Would you like a "Jewels4dmind Posts Titles" Ebook of All the Posts on Jewels4dmind Blog? 
5) Do you Read Ebooks, Print Books or Both?
6) Would you like a List of Authors, Their Books, Websites & Where You Can Buy Their Books?
7) What type of Mobile Devices do you Surf the Internet with? What type phone do you have? What type tablet do you have?
8) What Subjects do your Child/Children need most help with in School?
9) Are you interested in Ebooks for your Children & Teens to Read? If so, what Subjects?
10) Are you interested in Educational Worksheets for your Children?
11) Rate how much you like Reading on Scale of 1-5?
12) How much do you like Audio Podcasts? Rate 1-5
13) Do you like Video Documentaries? If so, what kind?
14) What Social Media Platform do you spend a lot of time? (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.)
15) If you are an Android User, would you like a Jewels4dmind Blog App for your Android Device?
16) Are you likely to Share Jewels4dmind Blog with Friends & Family? If so, why?
17) Would you like to be Updated on New Things on Jewels4dmind Blog (New Posts Updates, Newsletters, Free GiveAways, & Much More?)

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