Youth Are the Prize

When we are young—the world often times is bright. The future is open to us. We have our youth, our vitality, our creativity, and we have big dreams. These dreams are right at our finger tips. The teenage years are the years right before adulthood, and even though we are at the doorstep of becoming adults—we are still yet, miles away. It is if we are caught in between two worlds. If we sit down and really listen to the people already full fledge in the adult world, they will tell us—“enjoy your youth, don’t rush it child. You got all your life to be an adult. You got all your life to worry about bills. You got all your life to worry about your children.” And even though we hear all of this divine advice, we can’t wait to step out into the adult world. 

For some reason, we feel we can do a little better. We feel we will live with little less stress than those that came before us. It is as if, we tend to believe—now we are at the twilight hour of our hour into adulthood—all the things the present adults tell us about, will all the sudden disappear.

We move on, open the door called “Adulthood”, and right from the start, the sunlight hit us square in the face. Now we are in there. Here we go on the journey called “Life” hoping we will ride first class. Then, we are hit with the word called “Responsibility”, and we are on our own. How do you handle it now you are in the driver’s seat? This is your life. You better buckle up. The Bumpy Roads, Youth of Today, Are Surely Coming Your Way. So you better pull your seat belts tight…hold on, and keep your hands on the steering wheel of life. Keep the dreams of your youth. Keep your talents, and never let them go. Do You Hear Me Youth Of Today? You are going to have Roadblocks you never thought would come your way. Sometimes everything will be smooth sailing—beautiful skies, green grass, beautiful scenery, and all. Then Bam—A Blind Side Hit. It could be Bad Luck. It could be Betrayal. It could Be Death. It could be Envy. It could be the loss of a Job, loss of a love one, loss of a wife, husband, mother brother or sister. But, no matter what, thank God for life. Thank God for the life still within your body. And say to yourself, “Yes, today has rocked my world, but tomorrow, if God allows my eyes to open—I will stand and shake the dust off me, and start out into the world trying to do better, trying to be more alert, trying to plan better for my life, plan better for my family.

The adult world is tough, and bills will be there youth of today. They are not going to disappear when you come on the scene. So be ready for them. Be the master of your fate. If you are not careful, bills will surely kill your dreams just like so many other things. Bills are man-made because everything cost. But, your God given talents are free. And with what God gives you—you are rich. You just have to cash in the gold for cash. Your talents are gold. Go into yourself and develop them. 

Never let anybody or anything make you forget your talents, dreams, and what you want in life because when you do, you are a slave. Never be a slave, Youth of Today. God Made You Free.


Youth Are the Prize
* (Post Thoughts)

I wrote the above entry because I felt the youth at the threshold of adulthood need to know to enjoy their teenage years. This is a once and a lifetime event. As a teenager, I felt that I might have a special angle on adulthood—even though I had not yet gotten there. Most of this feeling came from wanting to see change in the world. It pained me to see my parents coming in from the dogtrack trying to make ends meet for the family. It pained me to see my daddy at the dinner table with pen in hand, and bill book underneath the pen. He would scratch out one bill, and say, “this bill will have to wait this month, and I will pay this one.” 

It pained me to see daddy, the man I loved and admired all my life, sit in the truck with a loan shark a day before it was time to pay on the loan at a quarter on the dollar. Even though the loan shark and daddy agreed on Friday as the day to pay back the loan with interest, the loan shark tells daddy, “I was just in the neighborhood, and dropped by to just see where you was at.” And we all know what he means when he says, Where you was at.” It pained me to see my daddy rise slowly out of his chair next to the window after looking to see who had just blown the truck horn. If you could see the look in his eyes as we locked eyes at the very moment of him rising out his chair. Words can’t truly describe the feeling. You ask me where the music, The Blues come from—I can tell you. Because, that is it. As daddy stood up, thoughts ran through his head of the conversation he would have outside. He would put his hands on my shoulders, look me in the eyes and say, “Son, never get in debt—debt is slavery. Be no one’s slave son, do you hear me? I would say, “yes sir.” 

On payday, daddy would let me pay some of his bills. He would sit in the car and watch me—this young lion—no older than 6 or 7 years old do what he has done all his adult life. The man was teaching me of the adult world early. 

If you could see daddy work on that dogtrack book, it was if his whole world depended on it. The truth is—it did—his family’s financial well-being. Did I forget to mention, he was a teacher—a mind fashioner, a light developer. Yet, there are people in entertainment and sports that make more money than many of us will ever dream of making. This just goes to show where societies priorities are. 

This entry is an attempt to show youth some of the realities of the adult world of responsibility, risks, dangers, stresses, anxieties, and many other things young people are sheltered from because of age. 

Hopefully, parents will tell their children the truth and hope for the best, and pray to God for the Youth of Today and Tomorrow.


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