Print, Ebooks & The Onward March of Technology

Paperback & Hardback Books will always be around…just like Records in Music or CD’s. But, Technology keeps moving forward as well.

Ebooks are strong, no matter what one report shows.

Computers Manufacturers are cutting back real strong on putting CD drives in Computers…as Flash Drives & USB Drives become more in view. Cloud or Online Storage is playing a bigger role in Computers, Phones & Tablets.

Print Book Publishers know Paperbacks & Hardbacks are not where they used to be as Reader’s only Reading Tool Choice. Computers & Mobile Devices can’t be glossed over in a Digital Time Frame. Yes, people still like the feel of a Paperback or Hardback Book in their Hands. But, they also like the feel of a little more money in their pockets from buying the cheaper Ebooks & Reading them on their Mobile Devices & Computers. Readers are also able to carry whole Libraries of Ebooks in their Mobile Devices.

How many physical books can you carry in a book bag?

Portability is important for many people.

Paperback & Hardback Books put less strain on your Eyes. But, there are Ebook Readers with White Screens that put less strain on your Eyes than Color Monitors.

Print & Ebook are both strong. It just depends on what work for the readers. It’s all about choice & still getting great amounts of reading time in.

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