Youth Education– Rote Learning in Real World–Is It Fit for A Squirrel?

Youth Education is one of the least talked about subjects. Big Conversations on material stuff, the latest Sports & Entertainment News & Gossip.

Mention Education & Trades for Our Children, Inspiring Children to Love Learning Trades, Loving Reading, Math, Science, Writing…”You Can Hear A Rat Piss on Carpet”, like my Aunt used to say.

What jobs await our Youth once they get out of School, if they get out of School? What trades do they have? How good is their Education? Can they use their Education in the Real World?

Youth must have Trades. They must be able to apply their Education to the Real World.

Rote learning is only Memorizing. Can they go to the board & explain what they are doing in Math? Can they explain themselves well on paper, orally & apply what they learn to Real Life?

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