Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Why do we still believe in Fairytales?
no matter d Age
caught up
in Mental & Physical Cages, Fads & Rages
we should b leaving glorious marks in d History Pages
that’s hard though in a world like this
so much Ignorance Bliss
hit us in d mouth,
right hand fist
So much built on Sport & Play
by d time we learn d game
head full of Grey
dumb stuff rule our lives everyday
God created us 2 b Masters on Earth
but we come into a world
where we never reach full worth
shiny things & diamond rings
put our minds in d sky
while we inside cry
joy & pain
neither 1
stay 2 long
so much precious time,
sex games
men & women play
both wrong
instant gratification
lies & miseducation
preachers in d pulpits
hands out
4 dollars & change
nobody breaking down a Unity Plan
Long Range
seems 2 b our lot
we in d hot pot
our children
never getting real education
mental rot
lies thrown in they face 4rm day 1
we wonder why so many carry d gun
guys glorified
4rm Bunny & Clyde–2 Scar Face–2 Al Capone
this Hell Right Here
doing right,
ain’t glorified
it’s kicked in d behind,
year after year
no wonder we can’t get in gear
d only real news
is in D Hip-Hop Underground
this crap called News
made 4 a Clown
Conscious Hip-Hop Music
is about Real Liberation
Rap, Love, Trap & Club Music
is what it is
made to dumb d people down
so Big Money Boyz
keep money bags loaded 2 d ground
our minds
messed up
not mentally sound
Real Music
never touch d Radio
so minds light up 4 Real
Real Artists
catch hell
paying d basic bills
but dat righteous word b on em–still
in they music
Knowledge & Inspiration Spill.


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