Ebooks, Digital Magazines & Digital Newspapers

Ebooks are Digital Books. They are Read on Phones, Tablets & Computers.

Many Major Magazines & Newspapers are Moving Toward Digital Magazines & Newspapers.

Jet Magazine is No Longer a Print Magazine.

Ebony is Still a Print Magazine. But, now they have a Digital Edition. There is no telling how long the Print Version of Ebony will be around.

Some people have never Read an Ebook, Digital Magazine or Newspaper. But, they use Social Media Everyday. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In One Breath, some people will say they are not into Ebooks, Digital Magazines & Newspapers, but Use Digital Mediums Everyday.

They will say they Love the Feel of Printed or Real Books Books in their Hands. I understand that fully. Nothing like feeling a book in your hands.

Phones, Tablets & Computers are Digital.

Ebooks, Digital Magazines & Newspapers have 2 Major Benefits. They are Cheaper than their Print Counterparts and you can carry a Whole Library of Ebooks, Magazines & Newspapers on your Digital Devices.

Digital Is Around Anyway. Proof–You are Reading this Post via Your Phone, Tablet or Computer.

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