Richard Wright, Legendary Author of BLACK BOY–Mother’s Life Lesson on Dealing wt Bullies in A Hard, Cold World.


At one point, Richard Wright, in his autobiographical book “BLACK BOY”
“Black Boy” on talks about when he was an early Teen & he & his mother moved UP NORTH.

One day, she sent him to the store to get some groceries. Some Bullies took the money. He came home without their groceries. His mother went behind the door & gave him a Big Oak Stick, some more money & told him “don’t you come back around here without our groceries.”

Oh, the Bullies was “Gon Learn Today.”

They came up on him again to take the grocery money. Richard cracked heads. About 4 of those heads.

He never had to worry about that anymore. Matter of fact, they wanted him to lead they crew. But Richard didn’t take them up on it. He was too much into his Writing, even as a Teen.

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