Spoken Word Piece in Honor of Wise Black Men Mentors (Fire Spittas) in My Life…

Black Boys & Young Men Must Have Mentors.

Mentors (Fire Spittas) are Older Men in Our Communities that Keep It Real. That Break The Real from The UnReal Down.

They might not even have a High School Diploma or College Degree, but just Might be some of the Smartest & Realist Men We Ever Met.

Young Brothers got to seek them out & Mothers or Women got to Love the Young Brothers enough or see the importance of connecting the young brothers with the older Fire Spittas…Keep It Real Brothers.

This will put some type of balance in the young brothers minds. When confronted with tough situations, when backs are pushed up against the wall, they will learn how to think through these times in another platform than how they might have come up around when fathers are gone and many times they hear a lot of yelling or emotional responses.

Hook the Older Fire Spitting Brothers up with the Young Lions. 

7:17 am
2 Major things happen when Young Brothers Linked wt Fire Spittas….there will be less Young Brothers Killing Each Other & Feminine Ways in Brothers will start to Diminish.

Believe it or Not, Emotionalism & quick pop off of the mouths in heated situations sometimes cause killings of young brothers among each other. A lot of huffed up talk that ain’t going to amount to much but the other brother getting intimadated by words in a heated conversation….Wolf Talking or Talking Big, but might not be able to do that much technically wt the hands–so guns start popping.

Hook the young brothers up wt older guys wt trades, always doing something productive & producing something or manufacturing something on their own terms. The (Fire Spittas) got plenty to share wt the young lions to calm them down. Getting their minds focused & productive.

8:12 am


Fire Spittas Reach D Youth wt Profound Truth

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