* So-Called “Bad Children”/–in 3 Parts.


* So-Called “Bad Children”
–Part 1

I teach students teachers throw away
put dem at d top of d game
so-called “bad children”
rebelling against worldly unright

Many grown folks
sugarcoat reality 2 d boys & girls
I reach minds,
just d same
not watered down
so it reconstructs shattered brains.

* So-Called “Bad Children”
–Part 2

* From High School Dropout, to Juvenile Bootcamp, to High School Diploma, to College, to Business Owner. | Jewels4dmind Blog


So-Called “Bad Children ”
–Part 3

When I became a Teacher, I worked wt Teen Guys other Teachers could not do anything wt…Gang Members, been to jail, prison, dropouts, etc…

I found out very quick–shirt & tie & hard bottom shoes was not to be my attire. Combat Boots, T-Shirt & Jeans. Found that out my 1st week of Teaching, right out of College.

Young Brother told me “Awe Turner, you talking all that positive shit, we’ll come up there & kick yo ass.”

It was like something went off in my head. Mind you now, I’m in shirt & tie, hard bottoms, not sitting in my desk giving out worksheets…on the board, giving real talks, not sugarcoating reality.

I told “Harrison” & his crew of 3, he made 4, well let’s take it outside. The whole class got in an uproar as we walked out. They wanted see that action. I told them “sit y’all behind down” & told my assistant, Miss Rogers, “I’ll be back. Keep the class working.”

The guys behind me mumbling…as I walked out. Not wt my back turned, but sort of a sideways walk out the class door.

We went under this Oak Tree. I said to Harrison, “In the class, you said “Awe Turner, ain’t nobody won’t to hear all of that positive shit, we’ll come up there & kick yo ass.” I went on “evidently, you the leader, since you spoke for them.” Before I got the last word out my mouth, another guy said “dat nigger ain’t no motherfucking leader.”

I said “if he is or not, look what this crap done came to…5 black men under this oak tree about to battle, damn all the talk. The whole world say we ain’t shit, the school board call me everyday, saying if you can’t do anything wt em, they out the school for good. We got a chance to make the whole world out a lie. But, y’all want to fight me, and I don’t want nothing but the best for you….damn all the talk…since y’all going to whip my ass, y’all might as well get started.”

I got in my fight stance…just like my Father taught me since a little boy. He always taught me, go to work on 1 real good, if out numbered. Walking out the class, I already knew what I was gonna do…take Harrison Knee Cap out. The hands and fight stance was just diversionary tactics….fast forward.

As soon as I dropped in Fight Stance, Harrison said…man, Mr. Turner, you supposed to be our teacher, how you gon sit there & want to fight us?”

Well, I’ll be damn…what the hell?…all 5 of us looking crazy.

Silence…”could hear a rat piss on carpet”, like my aunt used to say.

I broke the silence & said….”man, let’s go over here & sit down & talk fellows.”

Before we sat down under the tree, I went back in the class and dismissed class for the day. It was about.1:30 pm…the class went from 12:30-3:30 pm.

We talked under that oak tree until 2:30…then, went back in the class, talked some more…and they asked me to go over some of that Math Board Work I had been trying to go over at the start of class.

I didn’t have any more trouble out them fellows. When new students came in the class like them, they checked them before I did…sometimes saying, “look playa, we ain’t wt that stuff in here…people already say we ain’t gon be nothing in the world. This man real, you got to come in here & get it playa (GED)..,or take that crap somewhere else.”

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