Turn Down…For What?

“Turn Down…For What?”

…A Lyric or Quote Many Youth say in 2015.

In many ways that only applies to Sports & Entertainment in the Adult World.

In Sports & Entertainment you can let it all out.

But “Being a Thinker”, “Being Inventive”, “Being Productive” is Frowned Upon, Not Supported, Not given a Serious Look or Ear.

Big Media Advertising gives Great Attention to Sport & Play of Black People. Therefore, Black People gives it Great Attention. Sports, Comedy & Play are Great Money Makers for the Already Rich, so they Invest in It In Large Ways.

2 Basketball Gyms…Side by Side. One playing A Big Regional Playoff Game. The Other A Big Regional Spelling Bee/Science Competition/–or Math Competition. You lucky if the Spelling Bee/Math Competition/Science Competion even fills the first two rows.

Big Money…Lights, Camera Action….Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous…”My Son Gon Make D Pros”…”He Sho Nuff Good”…

Millions of Youth play High School Sports, only a Small Percentage Make the Pros…but there is Always that hope of Youth Making The Pros & The Family Gon Be Wealthy.

Who Supports & Motivates Thinkers? Doctors save lives. Architects build. Inventors invent. Film Makers make Films. Song Writers write songs. Playwrites write plays. Poets write & perform Poems/Spoken Word. Authors write books. Scientists explore. Veternarians take care animals. Doctors take care the sick & get them well.

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