Forget The Spotlight–Show The Youth The Light

The Youth come into a World that’s messed up before coming on earth.

If adults unify, plan, pool their talents, & everybody stay in their lanes in what they are good at, have expertise in, and all put their hands on the plow & contribute toward the hard work of doing productive things in our communities, we will see a big change in the cloudy picture before our eyes. 

The Youth take grown up examples of cooperation and determination to build & produce & many other things.

This is not a popularity contest. This is not about showng off. Adults must set the example for our youth. Our young people need trades and crafts, ways to make money & provide for themselves & their families.

Jobs are not being hand delivered. So Unity is needed now more than ever. A team spirit needed now more than ever. We must find ways to build each up. Not tear each other down. We must share knowledge with one another. Help one another out. Learn how to be thrifty. Make it off a little of nothing. We must learn how to pool our resources & invest in equipment to reproduce & manufacture things we have in our minds creatively. We are brilliant.

We must learn how to purify water. How to feed, clothe & shelter ourselves. We must learn how to take raw materials out the earth & convert to materials we can use in real life. Chemistry & other Math & Sciences must be at the top of our Educational List.

Adults must not buck each other for the spotlight. Ain’t no spotlight in this kind of work. It’s all about teamwork & doing something for ourselves & coming up from the foot of the world, & building some heaven on earth while we live. Why worry about the spotlight? Lights, camera, action. We ain’t got time to worry about that crap. Much more important things to focus on.

Unity is Powerful All The Time.


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