“Lessons to The Young”/–by Jerrell Baker


1) Whenever idle…read. Waiting for an oil change, the bus, the toilet, have a book in your handle with a pen for notes in the margins, do not lose time to learn.

2) Never go to sleep without having learned something new that day. If you hit the pillow and haven’t learned something, get back up.

3) Being Hard-it’s easy to fail, all required, is for you to do nothing. However, it takes a warrior to win. Winning happens only with more effort, be it mental or physical, than your opponent. If he wins, he has worked harder or out thought you.

4) You will be an expert at whatever you spend a significant amount of time doing. If you watch TV for hours, daily or on your smart phone for hours…you’ll know every show, every function of that phone, but if you work math problems, you’ll be analytical and think 10 times faster than those around you… hence those good in math are rarely in conflict because conflicts are for those who are slow thinkers…true thinkers are problem solvers…

5) Learn to do something people need and few understand…

Jerrell Baker

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