Poetry is Underestimated/–Hip Your Children to Poetry Early.

Poetry in many forms. Many Folks just not aware of it. What in the world are songs/raps–but/poetry. You mention the word poetry around most youth/–they frown upon it/not that inspired by it. Try this…go on the internet, & print out a few of the songs you hear them singing or rapping. Give it to them. Tell them this is poetry with a beat. Yes, the very songs they know forward & backwards…is nothing but poetry. Many of our youth so worried about being singers and rappers. Ask them who do they think get the major share out of a CD, moneywise from a $17 CD. The answer is the writer and the publisher. The artist is the last one to touch the money from the CD. The writer makes at least $6-$7. The publisher the same.

What if we inspire our children to be writers, singers/rappers & the publishers?


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