When Daddy & I Went Fishing on the St. John’s River in Florida…


Sister Robin. Daddy. Me. About to go catch a cooler full of fish. One Sat. Afternoon back in the day.

* When Daddy & I went Fishing on the St. John’s River in Florida…

(Memories from when I was 6-8 yrs old)

Daddy and I would go to get the bait, hooks, sodas, ice, everything we need from Wilson’s bait and tackle. School on Fridays almost seemed insignificant. All I dreamt of was hitting that river.

I loved to fish, but I loved being with my daddy more than anything in this world. I knew this was our time together, to talk, to explore, my time to learn and ask questions, to get answers in detail. What I loved most about these times was knowing I was going to learn so much. I did not have any reservations about asking my daddy anything in the world. A child needs that in this world. They need to know they can reach out into the universe with the help of their parents, and pull down a star, ride the milky way, and have their parents explain all of it to them. They need to know their parents will always have a answer for them, and if they do not have the answer—the parents are honest enough to tell them “I do not know, but daddy will find out, momma will find out.” Confidence of our children start at home. God put parents on earth to provide guidance for the children.

We both loved fishing. Daddy seemed to love fishing for two reasons from what I could sense at this young age. It allowed him to provide for his family, and not have to worry about credit at Weed, credit at Town Square (very expensive local grocery stories). He did not have to got to Town Square or Weed at the end of the month to pay on the fish he caught. The fish were free—Gods gift to the world. Fishing had significance to him more than it did to the fellow on the other side of the tracks.

Fishing was survival. Fishing also allowed him the time to teach his son, his daughter, my sister—when she went. Fishing allowed him to be a man as God would have him to be. Fishing, allowed him to set an example for his son of what it took to provide for the family. They say Jesus was a fisherman. Daddy reminded me of the story of Jesus when he took fish, and fed the masses of people.

Once we got home, daddy and I would change the lead on the line to a heaver lead because we had lead on the line set for fishing in ponds and did not have to cast so far. I would ask him why we had to change the lead. He said the river is big, and the currents strong, and the lead allow you to cast further, and keep the bait on the bottom of the river better.


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