Keyana Neal Simmons/–Artist on Many Levels




If you want your Nails to Look Real Nice Like, Hit my niece Keyana Neal Simmons up in her Facebook Inbox/–(Facebook–blue link of her name)/–or her email: if you in the North Florida/South Georgia Area. She is A Great Artist. Has been drawing since she was a little girl.

She was drawing Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Super Action Heroes and all since a little girl.

Oh, I can’t leave this out, jokers knew not to get in a Joking Contest with Keyana. After while, she might stop Clowning/Joking on a joker and go get her sketch pad & pencil. It was over then. They was “Gon Learn Today”…even back in the Day. It boiled down to whatever kind of weapon she wanted to fight a joker wt.

When she went to go get the Sketch Pad & Pencil, It was Over. Jokers Ran for the Border, because Keyana came out blasting on her adversaries. They always ran for cover. She was coming for the take down as soon as she started putting the pencil to the sketch pad…she was going to draw you looking real jacked up.

You still laying it down Keyana, but in a different form. 

Majestic Nails.

11:26 am

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