Practical Knowledge For Our Youth

Everyone is not going to college. Might not have the means or time to do so. But there are other ways to learn trades, skills, crafts, etc….A few ways:

*Hook up with an older person in the community that has mastered a certain trade, craft, skill. Try to get them to take the young person under their wings. Mentorship/Apprentceship.

*Buy books for the young people so they can read up on trades, crafts, skills (How-to books). Something they might be interested in. Something they like or lean toward.

*Take the young people to craft & hobby stores or take them to workshops on trades.

We have to take an active approach for the development of our young people.

* Get them use to reading articles & magazines in various trades and things they might be interested in.

A good Plumber, Clothing Designer, Carpenter, Mechanic, Graphic Artist, Audio Engineer, Tile Layer, Barber, AC & Heating Repair, Hairdresser, Brick Mason, etc…has great value in our communities.


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