Our Young Girls/Daughters & Fairytale Mentality

One of the worst things we can ever let our girls/daughters get caught up in is fairytales. Especially the ones where a Prince in Shining Armour comes & sweep them off their feet. That crap makes them think they don’t suppose to have a brain. We should be preparing them to be smart, think quick on their feet, to have pride in themselves, and have skills, talents, trades, & many ways of making it in the world.

When we let our girls/daughters get caught up in that crap–it puts their mind in a bad spot.

Before many girls or young ladies know themselves & what they want to be in the world, they focused on a man coming to sweep them off their feet. Being a woman does not mean being naive & yearny for a man to give them their every want. Notice I did say want/not need.

If she has a prince in shining armour mentality/–she will always expect a guy to give in to her wants just because of fairytales. And dumb guys will use that fairytale to get to her. The dumb fairytales stupid for male and females. Not taking either side. The fairytales made by big money folks to put people to sleep. The more sleep people are, the better consumers they become/buy crazy and do dumb stuff for no reason at all/except tradition. We got a lot of work to do.


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