“Joy!” by: Veyinsa Namike


An intoxication that is self induced
cradled and captured through the innocence of youth-
Sabotaged by one’s own despair-
Like a fish out of water gasping for air-
Beckoning a truth that was once declared-
By a being that had yet to care-

About the worldly suppressions eminently amidst-
a collective of shackles that formed an abyss-
forming an unidentifiable chrysalis-

Before you fall victim to this invisible threat-
Go back and find that youth you let-
wither away into the chambers of your spine-
promising that you will let him/her out at another time-

Grant him/her permission to stay-
so that you can view life in a whole new way-
Enjoy your life, for the next moment is uncertain-
for when the Almighty decides to close the curtain-

The show will be over, deeds done-
left to be judged by the Almighty one-
Live with happiness-
Live with glee-
Leave your mark on history!

Veyinsa Namike ©2014

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