Reading Mastery

Reading is so much more than Calling Out Words & Sounding Good while we do.

Masterful Reading is Going Beneath the Words & Pulling Out the Exact Meanings to the Words.

Surface Reading is Shallow.

Breakdown African Proverbs, Poems, Song Lyrics, Old People Sayings, Street Slang, Catchy Quotes by People.

Strip the Figurative Language Away to Get to The Literal Language, meaning the Exact Meanings of the Figurative Language. Work on doing that like A Pro Basketball Player that comes to the Gym with the Janitor Early in the Morning.

While the Janitor does their Job in the Gym before Daybreak, the Pro Basketball Player shoots Free Throws, Go through Shooting Jumpers from All Around the Court, Drives to the Board, does Crossovers as if a Defender is On them.

What I am driving at is this, we must do the same thing when it comes to becoming Masterful Readers. We got to get to the Gym of Reading Early. We got to Put the Hardwork In. We Must Drill. We Must Drill. We Must Drill.

8:14 am

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