Support Black Artists Early in Their Careers/–Watch It Really Take Off.

Zora Neale Hurston’s life as an Artist (Writer), Mirror Many Artists Lives.

When Will Black People Really Support Black Artists, so they Won’t have to Depend on Grants & Being Signed by Major Publishers? Most Black People roll with Our Great Artists After The Spotlight on Them & Big Publishers Money Behind Them.

Black Artists Work Hard, Sacrifice so much, Grind Hard, Creating Right in Black Neighborhood all the time Before White Folks Big Media & Dollars Pull them In.

Black Artists want to Tell Our Stories, Inspire Our People.

When Big Publishers throw Big Money Behind Black Artists, the Art goes way different than Black Artists have in their Hearts, Minds & Souls.

How many people know Zora Neale Hurston didn’t even have enough money to get her 1st book Manuscript Typeset or Money for Postage to send off to the Publisher once she borrowed money to get manuscript typeset? She had to borrow money again for postage to send off the manuscript to publisher.

Her short stories had made their way around the country & were being read by a good number of people.

A major publisher called her up & asked her did she have a manuscript of a novel they could publish. She told them yes, but, she didn’t.

She rented a room a few miles out from her home town, so she could focus. She paid on a room with nothing more than a bed, desk & bathroom. She buckled down & put in the grind work of writing.

At the end of 30 days, she had no money left & a handwritten manuscript.

This is one story of one of our great writers. But, guess what? This story is not too different from black writers & other artists that keep pushing. Something in them won’t let them stop. The work wakes them out their sleep. The word/art won’t let them rest until they get it down on paper, in the typwriter/computer/phone/tablet.

Being a writer/artist is no walk in the park. Though writers have the ability to write visual. Make you feel like you looking at a movie, even though you reading physically. Great writers make you transcend the pages. They put you right in the middle of their stories.

We have to get behind our writers, film makers, playwrights, poets, spoken word artists, visual artists, etc.–that way, they can write & create the art they really want to create. Art that really educate our people & lift our mental levels. Art that really inspires us to be productive in life.

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