The Music Helps Me Remember—Helps Us Remember.


Right now, I am listening to a KRS-1 song. It reminds me of the days when I was a teenager listening to music. I got the headphones on, the beats popping off in my head. I am all into the beats. Back then, we recorded Boom Box to Boom Box, maybe with Levan Thomas’s Boom Box facing mine with the Record Button on—or Steve Mackey’s Boom Box facing mine, recording Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC, Planet Rock, Cheap Thrills or some other powerful and tight song—might have been the Fat Boyz. Ain’t no telling what tight songs we recorded from each other.

The music moved us. The music inspired us. The music taught us. The music took us to other cities. Taught us what other people were going through. The music was our newspaper, our encyclopedia, our teacher, teaching us way more than we learned in school. That is Hip-Hop Music Folks.

We did breakdancing, talent shows, dreamed of making the Pros, dreamed of our future. We had dreams we wanted to do. It kept us off the streets. We wanted to be on TV and the Radio, Making Big Money, have pretty women, wear nice clothes. We all been there people—so why look all crazy when our young people want the same things right now—reach for the same things right now?

We got to be real, and look at things from their view/ and, at one time our view…it ain’t hard—because we been there. Only the years separate us from the young people. The years make grown people forget…trying to survive in a tough world.

The Music Helps Me Remember—Helps Us Remember.

Man, if you ain’t careful, this life will straight out whip your behind. As I think over the years, I can see now as a man–why so many older people used to be so aggravated, why they would cuss at the drop of a dime, why a man would sit on the corner and drink liquor like it is going out of style or how a woman would talk to her man like he is a little boy in public—Aggravation, Broken Dreams, Broken Souls, Broken Spirits. The UnReality of Fairytale Land, Broken Down The Seams.

The Music Helps Me Remember—Helps Us Remember.

9/ 5/2009
12:23 pm

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