Watch–Misty Copeland–World Known Dancer, as She Dances, Making “Poetry in Motion”

* Videos– Bottom of Written Post Text…

I Photographed Dance for Many Years. (about to start back)

Misty Copeland is A World Known Dancer.

This Dance Performance is: “Poetry in Motion”

I would love to one day shoot stills of Misty Copeland’s Poetical Dance Moves. Even though I shoot Stills, the Beautiful Movements will be shown.

I am Writer/Poet/Photographer…& this Performance Inspires Me on Many Levels as Artist. “Poetry in Motion”…Misty Copeland

* Share this Awesome Dancer with Our Young Girls & Daughters. If they want to Dance, they must Dance with Style, Class, Power, Poetically, Inspirationally, telling Stories in Dance.

Dance is so much more than drop it low on the dance floor with Tight, Bill Money Clothes on that Drop Men Minds Low for them Trinket Thangs & Diamond Rangs.

Dance on It’s Highest Form…

Much Respect for Your Dance Art Form Queen.

Keep Inspiring The World with Dance & The Beauty of Dance on It’s Highest Level.


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