Love At A Young Age

Many young people can’t wait to get in a relationship with the opposite sex.  The songs young people listen to, and people in general—sing about the beauty of love, and all the great things of being in love.

There are a lot of great things in being in love.  Yet, many of the things are in some ways illusionary.  Being in love is great.  Everybody should experience love.  That is a gift right from God.
Love is free…or at least it should be.  But, try loving somebody without money, and see how hard they love you back.  If you do not have the money—you better have the potential to make money in the near future.  Love without money is just an illusion.    
Money is a form of exchange.  The paper or metal or whatever a group of people consider money is valuable, not really.  The actual material used to make money is not expensive.  But, once the material is shaped, fashioned, and given value, certain values—the material becomes valuable.  Money is just another medium of exchange.

Many of the problems people face in relationships are over money.  So, young people, and people in general, make money any way you can.  God gave you brains, talents, skills—use all of that.

Older people need to be upfront and truthful with the youth.  Our young people need to know we love them, and we are going to make sure they have a trade, skill, craft to make it in this world.

We need to make sure the youth have a trade so they can work for themselves or other people if they choose to.  When they find that one they want to spend the rest of their lives with—or at least attempt to—they will not have to worry about how they will make it.

It takes money to eat at nice restaurants, go to concerts, plays, take trips, take the children to the carnival, to get married, go to the movies.  Almost everything cost in this world.

This is a materialistic world.  If we as a people produced, manufactured, and invented more—we would not have to worry about money as much.  But, right now as a people, we do not.  So, we better get on the grind (Get Busy) doing something for ourselves and our children.

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