Long Live Ruby Dee, the Boss.


I’m sad to hear of the Death of Ruby Dee. But, she lives forever in her works.  She was 1 of my favorite artist. But, so was Maya Angelou, Gordon Parks, Amiri Baraka, Gil Scott-Heron & others who have died in Recent Years. I celebrate their lives, Read their works, Inspired by their works, Share their works & tell others about them, young to old.

Ruby, the Ultimate Artist, Freedom Fighter. She put our people rise over even her art. She & Ossie were punished for being involved in the Civil Rights movement. Black (White-Listed) from Broadway & Hollywood. But, they took their Art to Black Churches & Black Colleges & Black Communities, learned to make movies themselves, wrote scripts & started a underground movemnt & got buzz going & more fans. Hollywood & Broadway, came at them again. But, now, Ruby & Ossie were the Bosses.

Long Live Ruby Dee, the Boss.

3:47 pm

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