A Look at Classic Hip-Hop/–“Stressed Out”-feat. Faith Evans/–From The Legendary MC J-Dilla’s “Slum Village Collection”


Something to Get Your Day Kicked Off: Classic Hip-Hop from the Legendary MC (J-Dilla’s)
* “Slum Village Collection”.

* “Stressed Out (Baby Phife Version- Full) Featuring Faith Evans”

*Mp3 Download Link
Stressed Out–feat. Faith Evans

J-Dilla was/is (I say “is” because he still lives through his timeless music, even though he physically died a few years ago) A Timeless MC/Producer & Lyricist.

If you not familiar with him, I beg of you to get familiar wt his work. Timeless Art. Google him. Go to Youtube. Look into his timeless music, lyrics & beats.

Research the artists careers he helped to kick off to another hemisphere.

In this song, listen to the lyrics. Listen to the storytelling. Listen J-Dilla Awesome Beat & the relevant lyrics of the artists.

We got to get back to storytelling & relevant lyrics in our music.

Today’s beats are tight. No doubt that. But, we got to lift our lyrical game back up to Profoundness.

Our ancestors, at the bottom of the slave ships said “one day, we coming up.”

We have risen to the occasion in every generation in The Wild Wild West. I believe in Us.

We will rise to the occasion. Let’s Go.

7:21 am

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