Chester Himes, A Literary Genius.

I am Reading Chester Himes Autobiography–“My Life of Absurdity”. Volume 2 of his 2 Volumes of Autobiography.

I read Volume 1
“The Quality of Hurt” a few years ago.

Last Week. His Novel
“Cotton Comes to Harlem”

A few months ago
“The Collected Short Stories of Chester Himes”

He wrote 18 Novels & 2 Volumes of Autobiography & many Short Stories.

* A Prolific Writer.

Best known probably as creator of 2 rough neck Harlem Detectives named “Coffin Ed Smith” & “Gravedigger Jones.”

The detectives featured in his famous film “Cotton Comes to Harlem”, based on his novels “Cotton Comes to Harlem” & “Come Back, Charleston Blue”

He stories represents the best in storytelling. They move fast, well thought out & actioned packed.

Chester Himes. A Literary Genius.

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