Storytelling from “The Deep South”

I wish I could fully explain how happy I am knowing so much Great Writing is coming up out “The South.” In a Major Way. A World Music came up out “The Deep South.”–Blues, Jazz, Poetry, Storytelling from the Elders, telling Life Stories on Front Porches and at Family Reunions.

As quiet as it is kept, the whole world knows the impact of music, writing & storytelling that came up out “The Deep South” and STILL COMING UP OUT THE DEEP SOUTH.

JUST KEEP your Eyes & Ears Penned Back & Stay Tuned for Books with Great Stories, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Plays, Film Making & Much More.

The Next Renaissance of Literature Is All The Way Live, Right Now.

A Southern Renaissance or Shall We Say “A Continuation of Awesome Storytelling In Music & In Literature & Film Making.”

2:03 pm

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