1970’s Conscious Black Music…

The Other Side of Motown–(The Underground)–Soul Music At It’s Best with Relevant Lyrics.

Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, Gil Scott-Heron, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On Album), Steve Wonder, James Brown, Bob Marley, The Last Poets.

Study these Artists Music Black People. Study What was going on in the Country at the time. What time this was for us as a people in this Period. The Civil Rights days (the 1960’s was over).

A New Decade. The 1970’s.

Schools being integrated, Rhythmic Music, Fancy Dance Moves of Motown Artists & Love Songs of Motown played on the Radio Day & Night. Feel Good Music. Great Music.

The Other Side of Motown–Conscious Black Music, Soulful Black Music–The Black Newspaper–The What’s Happening Music–Soulful Relevant Black Music…..we needed it then to keep us centered as a people and we need it now…..If it’s played on the Radio or Not.

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