Sport and Play. Is It Life Changing?

Go to a basketball game where the team got win streak going on
line outside the gym– long
go to the same gym next day
Math & Science fair going on
students got to inward be motivated strong
what happen to the long line
we wonder why everybody in the world kick our behind
Math & Science put on the
fast money on everybody’s mind
support the sports star
maybe one day
they buy you a car
support the scientists
maybe one day,
they save your life
these games we playing like rolling dice
game of chances
like playing one in the chamber
pull d trigger,
see how it turn out
never can tell
might get your mind blowed out
that’s the games we play
putting lights, camera, action before whats real
that’s why our behinds always attached to a kick with everyone’s show heel.

12/ 5/2011
9:14 am

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