Education on Many Levels

School not enough for Youth. Make sure they learn trades. Jobs ain’t knocking on doors. Teach them to be financially sharp too.

Find out what your child has a passion for, other than sports/entertainment/Help develop it/Inspire them to 1 day make into a business.

What happen to trades in School? Without a trade, people in bad shape. They go down roads they never thought they would to survive. 

150-200 years b4 Christopher Columbus Daddy & Mama hooked up, African Professors sometimes taught 10 Subjects in W. African Universities.

Talking Intelligent don’t mean anything, if we can’t survive in a hardcore world. We must all build our toolkit of skill sets.

No money or time 2 go back 2 school. Read, study, talk 2 old ppl, become apprentice, buy Kindle/Tablet, download free ebooks–Amazon. 

People go 2 College, listen 2 Professor lecture, read, study, take tests. What if u don’t have money or time for College? SELF-STUDY.


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