From High School Dropout, to Juvenile Bootcamp, to High School Diploma, to College, to Business Owner.

Eddie Bryant, one of my Students about to receive his GED (School Diploma). Graduation was at Tallahasse Community College. This is 1993.

Stay Tuned–he is about to publish a book of Poetry. His poetry is awesome. I told him I had some of his poems and essays as an 18 year old (he is 37 now). He didn’t believe me until I showed him.

I work with students most teachers give up on. Many drop out of school or they kicked out. Many times, I am told by administrators “Turner, if you can’t do anything with them, they are out for good. No more chances.”  I eventually tell them “don’t even call anymore, just send them. I want them all.”

Eddie came to my class from Boot Camp. A program that is supposed to give Young Men “Tough Love & Discipline, Military Style.” He and about 4 other young men came with him. 3 of them got their GED while in my class.

Eddie Graduated from my GED class on Florida A&M’s Campus and went on to Tallahasse Community College.

He now has his own business with his soon to be wife. I am real proud of this Brother.

He ain’t finish yet, many more Great things coming out this Black Man.

Stay Tuned for his book of Poetry. He is also writing his Autobiography.

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