Who Knows Anything about The Old School “Mini Disc Player/Recorder?”


2014–Iphones, Mp3 Players, Androids to play Music. I still roll wt Mini Disc Player/Recorders. Old School. Awesome Playback/Recordings.

I got Androids & Mp3 players. Don’t get me wrong. I love Crystal Clear Sound.

Basically Mini Disc is a Minature CD, encased in a Floppy Disc like piece to protect the disc.

Google Mini Disc Players & Recorders.

True Sound Lovers can’t let them go. If you think I’m just talking the talk…Go to Amazon and see how much the old Audio Device cost Used. Look on Ebay as well.

If you have never heard MD sound quality, I feel bad for you. If you ever hear it, you will never be able to listen to Mp3 players, Iphones & Androids. Classic Sound.

I stay on the lookout for them.

5:07 pm

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