Up b4 d Crack of Day


Up b4 d Crack of Day/–what can I say?/–mind on fire/–thinking of ways 2 take d Youth minds higher/–make them mentally tuff–so dey side-step all kind of dumb stuff/–walking in dis world like living in a combat zone/–trinkets throwed in d streets/–making folks trinket fiends/–just like dope fiends/–have us doing weird stuff/–365 Halloween/–we gotta get mean/–fight hard 4 our Youth minds/–b like wire cutters of enemy confines/–slavery ain’t over/–don’t fall 4 trickery of d mind/–are U blind or 2 lazy 2 get off yo behind/–every generation we don’t lift our youth mental levels/–we making internal devils that do harm 2 self/–We Are Brilliant When We Unite/–Lets Get on That…Awight.


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