J-Dilla/–Beat Making & Lyrical Genius–Master MC


Just Wondering how many people ever heard of J-Dilla (Beatmaking/Producer Genius)–the brother passed physically a few years ago.

But, his work will never die.

If you never heard of this brother, look into his work.

You don’t have to look very far. His work is the Undercurrent of Hip-Hop Music around the world.

If you think you really up on Music History, and this name does not ring a bell, you got some major Homework.

J-Dilla was/is a Musical Genius. This piece is mainly on his beating making mastery. But his Lyrical skills were/are profound. Master MC.

He laid the tracks down in the studio, wrote profound lyrics, and turned it out on the stage, performing his lyrics over the top of classic beats. Straight out profound.

J-Dilla skills moves me in many in ways I can not even put into words.

If you dig Erykah Badu, J-Dilla Beats for her, Busta Rhymes, Beats for him, Common, beats for him, The Roots, beats for them & so many timeless Collabs with Timeless Hip-Hop Artists around the world–too many to name.

I got many of his Albums & Beat Tapes now.

His beats strong, innovative, inspirational. I love putting on my headphones & just writing to his beats. Watch some of my joints/poetry that’s going to flow out my pen now. Let’s Ride.

I can’t even put into words how profound this brother is. All I can say is…Youtube him…and go into his massive archive.

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