“Running Back To You” from the Album (“Love & Life” by Raphael Ashanti)–featuring Beanie Brown

I don’t know if I can fully get across the feelings I’m feeling right now. So I won’t even try to. They say “A Grown Man Won’t Cry.”/–That’s a Lie–Visual/–I’m writing with Teary Eyes. Not tears of sadness though. VICTORY. Why do I say Victory?

Today’s Music is Dead in many ways. Looking at The Grammy’s proof of that. “The Underground”…The Music Big Money Boyz Flunkies Don’t Play, is Music’s only Hope. It Ain’t Going Nowhere, no matter, if u don’t hear it played Commercially.

Music Back where it belongs. Classic Music. Timeless Music. Stay Tuned for “Love & Life” album by Raphael Ashanti. Beanie Brown is featured in this Timeless album.

I’m listening to a song called “Running Back To You”. A song by one of my Best Friends (Raphael Ashanti) & Mentee (Beanie Brown) since he was 10 years old. He is a Grown Man now. 31 years old.

Proud of Both of My Brothers.

When ya’ll hear this song “Worth It” and Hear the Whole Album, u will see why.

Thank You Brothers.

6:27 pm

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