The Genius of Curtis Mayfield’s Music


The Genius of Curtis Mayfield & Johnny Pate in Making Timeless Music/Evergreen Music that touch 2014 & Beyond

When u get a chance…checkout some Curtis Mayfield…especially The Roots, Superfly and his Live CurtisĀ  Album…checkout the drums and the way he implemented the instruments and the polyrhythms…Johnny Pate, Musical Arranger wt Brilliant Jazz Background was his man in many ways, arranging various instruments in the music of The Impressions.

Curtis was a singer, instrumentalist and poet/writer of The Impression. He wrote all their songs and many other singers songs that went on to be big hits. He played guitar.

Johnny had a Jazz background & he was on point wt composition & arrangent of instruments. Curtis came with song and guitar. Johnny brought it all together..strings…horns, woodwinds, precussion, etc–wt that Jazz background.

Curtis Mayfield…one of the best.

Curtis was set after working wt Johnny. He went Solo. The rest is history. Legendary status.


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