Snow & Ice in Shutdown Atlanta 2014


Snow & Ice in Shutdown Atlanta 2014


(One woman’s story of Determination to Get Home to her Family)

Vanessa (a middle age lady I tutor–is back in school working toward her RN)–Is Writing an Article on Her Determination to Get Home from Work through Snow & Ice in Atlanta

She works at the mall in THE SWATS (Southwest Atlanta)

She had grown daughters & grandchildren home, worried crazy about her safety.

While people were stranded along highway, the other night, she said “I got to get home…I’m not being stranded on this highway overnight.”

She said she rode the pullover lane all the way from Greenbriar Mall to Decatur (East Atlanta.)– She said some police worried about the police and the people worried about themselves. People worked together–pushing each other cars, huddled together in cars to stay warm, etc. Some didn’t have blankets or nothing. She made it home after many hours.

She writing an article on this experience. Her friend took photos along the way. I’m going to post her article when she finish.

I tutor her on writing & math. I told her that article is her assignment while off from work because of Snow & Ice.

She said she naming it:

“I Just had to Get Home.”

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