Gil Scott-Heron/–Poet, Author, Singer, Musican, Comedian, Freedom Fighter


Gil Scott-Heron put out well over 20 albums. Think I have about 24 or 25 now. This brother is Amazing. Not only as a singer/poet/lyricist…but as a writer, Author, comedian/when he wanted to be. He was a Freedom Fighter. A Great Inspiration. High School & College courses should be given on this Brother. If it never happens…we going to see what we can do with it. His name want die…as long as we drop Jewels of his life, share his works with the Youth, and keep passing on this brothers words from mouth to ear/oral. The African Way. Others have oral tradition. Not driving at they don’t. But we did it first.

We are the Mothers & Fathers of Civilization. Look in the white man’s science books. I have to say white man’s books. There are many black scholars. They have been saying it for years and proving it. But many of our people got to hear it from the other man before the brother man.


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