Straight Talk. Resurrect Our Mental Hood.

How we go 4rm civilization builders 2 progress yielders/–on dis side (of d Atlantic Ocean) caught on pride/–somebody hit our head 4rm d side/–we thank we educated/–but don’t make baby diapers/–we fuss, fight, get jealous, gripers/–might as well be snipers/–cuz we shoot each other down/–see somebody reaching goals/–frowns/–we clowns/–men walking round in gowns/-women lifting weights/–bench pressing 200 pounds/–we something else now/–we gotta look within/–trinkets of dis world/–got us like dopeheads/–we do anything/–work 4 d feds/–fill freedom fighters wt leads/–down goes d brother man, right in d middle of d word/–as d masses opening d eye 3rd/–we be bout 2 freedom fly like d bird/–we got 2 unite/–do better/–so we can make it thru any stormy weather/–we gon b alright my people/–we just got 2 deal wt d truth/–like d old folks say/–”don’t cut yo mouf off fo nobody or nuttin/–straight talk/–sho don’t sound good/–but it resurrect dat mental hood/–den, its all good.”

5:50 am

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