100% Mastery of Math Is A Must for Our Children

100% mastery of Math is A Must. Our Children must be able to explain the problems on the board in front of the class before moving on. The ability to explain a math problem in detail is evidence that mastery has been achieved. Even after mastery has been shown.

Notes, detailed notes must be taken, & put in notebooks. They have to have inward drive to want to do that themselves.

Constant working of the problem is a necccesity. At least looking back over the problem from time to time,  and practicing the problem.

It does not take long to get out of the swing of working a problem. Our Children must constantly drill themselves & their peers.

Math is Powerful. Just saying that is irrelevant, if it’s not put to work to invent, build, manufacture, & produce. If we ain’t doing those things as a people, Math becomes a dead subject. And we will always be talking about “they built this” and they built that.”

Freedom is in Math. It makes a people independent, if used the right way. With math, we bring things into creation.

Math. An exact science. No grey areas. Math is Truth. Can be proven true. Time after time.

We must inspire our babies to be Masters of Math. So we can come up from the foot of the world. And build some heaven on Earth.

10:12 am

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