Zora Neale Hurston’s–Autobiography “Dust Tracks On A Road”


How many people really know Zora Neale Hurston’s story?

Many think highly of her works today.

Read her book

“Dust Tracks On A Road”
297 pages

That book is her Autobiography. No middle person telling her story here. Her life story, right from her pen. If she was not a more than determined artist, we would have never heard of her today. And even with being more than a determined writer–she still had to have a few key people that believed in the work she did.

To tell the Truth Brothers & Sisters…More Black People now digging her work after she Dead. But she had her very active Youth before her when she was alive. She sacrificed so much for us while she lived. She put all she had on the line because she loved us something special.

Eatonville FL, never left her blood, even though she traveled the world doing her work, researching, writing our life stories, creating plays, and short stories. She put her life on the line more than a few times.

She had to make it off a little. Many times not knowing how she was gonna pay her rent. But believing things would work themselves out eventually. She was determined that we wake up, and not be a sleep people. She wanted us to be proud of ourselves as a people in the world.

“Dust Tracks On A Road”

Read her Story right from her pen. Cut out the Middle person’s view of her life & thoughts. Forget Hollywood. Her writings are more visual than anything they will ever put together.

One of the best books I ever Read. Once I finished the book, I turned right back to the first page and started all over again.

Books that I Really Love–that is my Routine. Yes, her book was one of those. Don’t take my Word for It. Read it For Yourself & See.

Dust Tracks On A Road . Amazon.com as low as $.01 (1 penny) Used.

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