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Watch “African-Americans: The Real Story Behind The Industrial Age”


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With Unity…We Are Powerful.


(((– African-American Inventors List 1845-1980 (Pdf Download) link –)))

Watch “Allen Iverson: The Answer Documentary

Watch “E:60 Cam Newton (Part 1 and 2)”

* Watch “E:60 Cam Newton (Part 1)”

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Watch “Jewel Dropping by KT (Jewels4dmind)–3 Poems”

Music in My Life

Music in My Life

I’m back to d music/–never should have left it/–but d daily grind of life hard/–music 1 of my passions/–not so much d beats/–but d stories they tell/–they make my mind swell/–light in a dark world/–words manipulated to make people feel low/–light, postive/–dark, negative, break positive flow/–what kind of crap is that/–language, distorts facts/–now, we must readjust our racks (minds), get in time wt d time/–living in hard times of nickels & dimes/–Music, real music, bout breaking out man-made confines/–lyrics of substance, elevate minds/–Jewels for The Minds.

9:52 am

Be Aggressive for Knowledge

Don’t misjudge the quality of knowledge you can acquire. You might not have the money to go to college. Some of the world’s greatest men & women burned the midnight oil.

Be aggressive for knowledge, especially things you have a passion for. Buy books, search the on internet, go to workshops, talk to people with knowledge. Reach for knowledge, & work for it. It will work for you.


Watch “A Lady Named Pearl – Transformation ft Dashill Smith”

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