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Print, Ebooks & The Onward March of Technology

Paperback & Hardback Books will always be around…just like Records in Music or CD’s. But, Technology keeps moving forward as well.

Ebooks are strong, no matter what one report shows.

Computers Manufacturers are cutting back real strong on putting CD drives in Computers…as Flash Drives & USB Drives become more in view. Cloud or Online Storage is playing a bigger role in Computers, Phones & Tablets.

Print Book Publishers know Paperbacks & Hardbacks are not where they used to be as Reader’s only Reading Tool Choice. Computers & Mobile Devices can’t be glossed over in a Digital Time Frame. Yes, people still like the feel of a Paperback or Hardback Book in their Hands. But, they also like the feel of a little more money in their pockets from buying the cheaper Ebooks & Reading them on their Mobile Devices & Computers. Readers are also able to carry whole Libraries of Ebooks in their Mobile Devices.

How many physical books can you carry in a book bag?

Portability is important for many people.

Paperback & Hardback Books put less strain on your Eyes. But, there are Ebook Readers with White Screens that put less strain on your Eyes than Color Monitors.

Print & Ebook are both strong. It just depends on what work for the readers. It’s all about choice & still getting great amounts of reading time in.

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Math in 2015–A Closer Look.

A 5-6 Year Old that can Do Intro Algebra & Geometry is Not More Exciting and Worth Spreading the Good News to the Degree of A 5-6 Year Old that can Run 5 Touchdowns in Football Game or Score 30 Points in A Basketball Game.

But just watch very soon, That Very Same Intro to Algebra & Geometry & Word Problems will Be the Very Same Subject to Cause Many Youth to Drop Out of School or Break their Confidence in Themselves.

The Material 5-6 Year Olds Have To Do Today, is what 7-9 Year Olds Had to do A Decade or More Ago.

Just Watch & See How this Thing Pan Out. On the Real, the Frustration & Giving Up Feeling of Many Youth are in Full Effect Right Now.

There is No Grey Area when it Comes it Math…Either You Know It or Not.

Some People Can Duck & Weave their Way through Other Subjects. But the Duck & Weave Stops when it Comes to Math. You Can’t Sugar Foot Your Way through Math.

The Test Makers are Shrewd with Language when to Comes to Math. Let Me Go Deeper down the Rabbit Hole.

Math is Now Shrouded in Word Problems. You Got to Break Down the Language to get to the Root of the Math Problems More and More. Here is where it gets deeper into the Abyss.

If you can’t Strip Down the Language and Put the Wording Correctly to Mathematical Symbols, You Into More Difficulty.

Reading Comprehension is Major Factor in Doing Math Now. If you can’t Break Down the Wording…More Frustration.

Most People…let these Words Fall on Deaf Ears…just keep your Eyes & Ears Open and See and Hear how Many More Youth will Continue To Drop Out of School & Get Frustrated with School…While Sports & Entertainment take Priority over Our Youth’s Real Education. Real Education Is About Inventing, Producing & Manufacturing.

What is Education, if it is Only Quotes, Slogans, Hyped Up Talk, Rituals, Rote Learning, Non-Productive?

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