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“Life” is like A Movie. We All Got A Part.

Will We be Remembered in Time as an Extra, Minor or Major Character? Well, that all depends how the hardwork & sacrifice put in the whole time.

In this Movie called “Life”/there are many roles. The ones that grind hard, study hard, observe well, listen well, take notes well, analyze well–have a bigger jump. Will We be Remembered in Time? And if so what will People say about Us? Will we Be an Inspiration/–Or will our Life be So Trivial/it won’t be worth remembering. Therefore, it fades into oblivion In the Pages of History…Or Will Our Lifework be Spoken of with Honor & Respect?

Lets all Get Busy on Our Lifework & Make Positive Moves in The World.

9:01 am

Inspire Your Children to Love Math

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to wait to teach your children Geometry. They can learn Geometry, even if they don’t know their multiplication tables.

Teach your very young children relationships in various levels of Math. For instance: 1/2 of a Dollar is 50 cents. 1/2 of a circle is 180. They both mean 1/2. The only difference is the vocabulary terms. Tell them 1/2 means divded by 2.

1/4 of a Dollar is 25 cents. 1/4 of a circle is 90 degrees. 1/4 means divided by 4. The only difference in the two is the vocabulary terms.

Never limit your children’s learning based on theories.


True Colors Theatre Company


Atlanta, GA

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CHOICES—Black Grown Folks Stunting (SHOWING OFF) or Children’s Educational Mastery for a Very Small Price.



Given a choice between Buying a $300 Wii (or $300 in Toys on Christmas or Birthday)—vs—-$20 Educational Video for their Child that Plays on their Child’s Phone, Tablet & Computer–that’s pretty much like having a Teacher in their Mobile Device, many Black Parents will go with the $300 Wii (or $300 in Toys on Christmas or Birthday).

Is this choice really about the Love of their Child or the Grownup? Is it really about Stunting (SHOWING OFF) for Grownup Friends or Love of Their Child? Love, lets look into that for a minute.

What if the parent knows their Child is Struggling in the Very Same Subject the Educational Video Covers & The Child is Not Confident in the Subject. They can’t even stand before their class or before anyone else for that matter & break down the subject matter forwards and backwards and top to bottom.

$300 Wii (or $300 in Toys on Christmas or Birthday)—vs—-$20 Educational Video.

CHOICES——-Black Grown Folks Stunting (Showing Off)
Children’s Educational Mastery for a Very Small Price.

8:32 am

What’s the Difference between A MC & A Rapper?

There is a difference between A MC & A Rapper. MC’s lyrics are Relevant. The Lyrics tell stories. They hit points, educate & bring light on propaganda, they inspire, they rock the crowd, their flow is unprecedented, they have technical skills, if need be in the studio.

Much of what is called “Rap” is nothing but mindless noise with a tight beat & a catchy hook.

We have many MC’s that are Profound. But, you won’t hear them on the Radio too much. They move like guerilla fighters in the stealth of the night. Jungle boots pulled tight. Rucksack light, dropping jewels (Knowledge & Inspiration) on the people, so they see d light, 3rd Eye, Right?

Look up Dead Prez, The Roots, Big Krit, Lauryn Hill, Black Ice (Spoken Word Artist–his album–“The Death of Willie Lynch), Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cassidy, 9th Wonder, Phonte, Lil Brother, Rakim, Nas, Sockko (Female Spoken Word Artist, double check name), J-Dilla, Andre 3000, Big Boi & Outkast, Goodie Mobb, and many more.

Many of Today’s RAPPERS, starting to wear outfits/circus costumes, too cute for even our girls or women. The girls or women even look at the circus outfits and say “unt uh, chile, what in d world dat mess he got on, on stage?”

Blond wigs on the sisters. Even though we were blessed wt the ultimate reception devices in the universe. Kinky, Black Hair. Ultimate Powerful.

Music has to be liberating. Art period. Before school, we learn much through songs. The first learning institutions, passed down to us from our parents, way before we introduced to books. Life lessons, wrapped in the song lyrics. Stories wrapped in the lyrics.

Look to the Underground MC’s & Spoken Word Artists for Profound Words of Relevance & Share them with The Youth.

6:18 pm