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Music Not for Dancing This Time

Black People have always been into music for millions of years. But, the Black Man & Woman in America—took music to another level. We have always played music on instruments, with our voices, or—on anything we could get our hands on. We make beautiful music from all kind of sources.

In the 20th century, the Black Man & Woman in America did something kind of different. Music for many millions of years have been used as entertainment.

In the 1930’s and 40’s—certain Black Jazz & Blues Musicians & Singers took the Mathematics of Music to another level. The music was not used for entertainment, making people dance, get up and have a good time. This time, the music was used for the people to sit down and listen, to wake the world up to the fact that the Black Man & Woman was not going to be copied so easily this time by imitators.

Charlie Parker would make sure of that, Dizzy Gillespie would make sure of that. Miles Davis would make sure of that, Max Roach, Art Blakely, Dexter Gordon, Coleman Hawkins, Clifford Brown, Chick Webb, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, and many others would make sure of that. This music craft set the trend like never before.

Bringing the music on up to present times with Rap or stories over the top of hard hitting beats from the 60’s-70’s with Curtis Mayfield, the Impressions, Gil Scott-Heron, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Steve Wonder, Bob Marley, The Last Poets.

Then, the 80’s Rakim, KRS-1, Public Enemy, and other Conscious Rappers, the 90’s—Nas, Common, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Lauryn Hill, Killah Priest, Immortal Technique, and many other MC’s. This type music was not for dancing, but passing the light (Knowledge).

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Children take Math Classes Everyday. Many can’t even Break Math Down in Front of Their Class on the Board.

Ask a Child What Side of The Decimal is Wholes, Left or Right? MANY WILL LOOK AT YOU LIKE YOU CRAZY.

Many can’t Round to the Nearest Tens.

Ask a Child what is 1/2 of a dollar, 1/2 of 1,000 dollars, 1/2 of one million dollars and again, many will look at you like you crazy.

Ask a child what number times itself is 81? or 42 divide by what number is 6?

Just try out some of these questions and see what some children will tell you. If they do say something, it might be “huh?”

10:18 pm

7 Black Playwrights

Black Children & Youth Learn about William Shakespeare at School & through Media.

They Should also Learn about Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee, Melvin Van Peebles, Amiri Baraka & August Wilson as well…Black Playwrights, telling Our Story.

Don’t Depend on them Learning about Black Playwrights in School or through Media. Forget that. Buy books on the Black Playwrights, or Simply have your Children do Research on them with those Fancy Phones & Tablets via The Internet.

Tell them “Chill on the Games a Little Bit. By the End of the Week, you got to give me some Book Reports on a Few Black Playwrights.”

Our Children are Lucky if they have heard of Langston Hughes as a Playwright. Some may have heard him as a Poet.

There are 7 Black Playwrights on this List.

Our Children should be just as familiar with their works as they are with William Shakespeare’s work.

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