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Youth Education– Rote Learning in Real World–Is It Fit for A Squirrel?

Youth Education is one of the least talked about subjects. Big Conversations on material stuff, the latest Sports & Entertainment News & Gossip.

Mention Education & Trades for Our Children, Inspiring Children to Love Learning Trades, Loving Reading, Math, Science, Writing…”You Can Hear A Rat Piss on Carpet”, like my Aunt used to say.

What jobs await our Youth once they get out of School, if they get out of School? What trades do they have? How good is their Education? Can they use their Education in the Real World?

Youth must have Trades. They must be able to apply their Education to the Real World.

Rote learning is only Memorizing. Can they go to the board & explain what they are doing in Math? Can they explain themselves well on paper, orally & apply what they learn to Real Life?

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1970’s Conscious Music. View from The Other Side of Motown. The Untold Story–in 5 Parts.

1) Gil Scott-Heron/–Poet, Author, Singer, Musician, Comedian, Freedom Fighter |

2) Old People Stories Relevance in “New Day” Reality & Profound Art for Mental & Physical Freedom. |

3) 1970’s Conscious Black Music… |

4) 1970’s Conscious Music. View from The Other Side of Motown. The Untold Story. |

5) Gil Scott-Heron (Spoken Word) wt Curtis Mayfield–background by jewels4dmind on SoundCloud |



1) Get Down The Elders in Your Families Life Stories

2) Old People Stories Relevance in “New Day” Reality & Profound Art for Mental & Physical Freedom.

3) The Elders. A Library of Knowledge

4) Old People Stories & Think Tanks…Powerful

5) Back in The Day–Family Memoir–1920’s–1950’s

Be Real with The Youth/–Watch How Powerful They Become & Make a Difference in The World

We have to inspire our Youth to Create, to Write & Produce their own movies.

In a way, our youth already do it when they create the music videos. We have to just inspire them to put relevant lyrics in their music. We have to inspire them to read and not sugarcoat reality to them.

We have to break down the real from the unreal for the Youth during the time we have them under our care. Once they leave after 18 or so, that’s it.

We got to find out what they have a natural passion for other than entertainment, real early. Take them to hobby stores more than toys stores. Inspire them to be producers, manufacturers and inventors.

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8th-12th Grade Realness Jewels/–“Life: The Teacher”

Many of you are in the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade.  It seems you will be young for a long time.  But, time is a funny thing.  What might seem long, is not as long as you might think. 

Our concept of time is based off our knowledge of other years.  What do I mean by that?  We can only judge time by looking back.  We can’t  judge time by looking forward.  The past to the present is our concept of time.  We don’t  know what the future has in store for us.  But, we can better prepare for the future right now.

The whole universe is a classroom, not just the four corners of the class.  We learn from many sources, if we are wise enough to want to do that. We can learn through people, places, situations, nature, many places. 

If we get caught up in just book learning, we put ourselves in a bad fix.  Book learning does not always fit in with reality.  Reality is always changing, every minute, every second. 


Things are constantly changing in the universe, and in our lives.  And the better we are able to get a grip on change, be flexible, and have all kinds of knowledge stored in our heads, the better.

Many of you only have 1-4 years, and you will be out on your own.  Then what?  What are you going to do with your life? Will you be able to grapple with the problems you will face without your parents? Life is no joke.  Life is real. 

School is not the real world.  The real world is the real world.  School is almost an illusion, a mirage, a facsimile of real life.  Do not be fooled by this school life.  If you do, you do disservice to yourself.

The school years are only to give you tools for the real world.  Don’t get it twisted.  The real world is tough.  Mama and Daddy is not always going to be there holding your hand, spoon feeding you, looking out for you, having your back.  You are going to have to walk the real world road alone.  Will you be prepared?   

Every opportunity you have while in school to learn as much as you can, jump on it.  Ask good questions, care about your future, and do not get caught up in being popular, and making yourself go against what you know is not right for you. 

Be a leader, not a follower.  Being a follower does not require a lot of brainpower.  All it requires is just following orders, letting other people use you, while you make all the sacrifices, do all the hard work—and some leader or mind manipulator benefits from your hard work.  If you are going to do all that hard work to get in the so-called popular crowd, you might as well do it for yourself, to be better prepared for the future.  Never let anyone make a fool out of you, and do not make a fool out of yourself.

Look deep within yourselves.  Ask yourselves what do you really love.  Find answers.  Let what you love doing be the thing you strive to master.  Once you know what you really love, what drives you, learn everything you can about it.  That is the thing you should want as your life job.  If you love it, how can it really be a job?.  It is something you can do with passion.  Nobody can work you hard when you really love something.  Many grown people go to work doing jobs they hate.  Do you want to be like that?

Your parents are not always going to be taking care of you.  4 years, 3 years or 2 years is not long to graduation.  It is just a flicker of time.  The days might seem long, you are having a lot of fun in school, the seasons come and go, life is fine and happy.  But, time shall pass, and you are going to be walking across that graduation stage—at least I hope you are. 
Life is transitory.  Life is constant movement.  The friends you have now, will not be in your life like they are now.  You are going to make other friends after high school.  In the quest to make a living, you are going to have to do other things in your life.  Some of you will be going to the Military. Some of you will move to other cities for jobs.  There will be many things  you do after high school.  You are going to have to walk the grown road without many of the friends you have right now.


Time is just an illusion, and it is real at the same time.  Will you be the master of your time? That is the question.  Only you know that.

Your parents are not going to take care you all their lives.  They got their own lives to live.  17/18/19 years old (Graduation Day).  That is the year of freedom that sticks out in many parent’s minds.  They can not wait until that year comes, so some of their financial obligation will be lessened.  You all might not be aware of it.  They are not going to outright tell you that….many will.  They feed you, clothe you, shelter you.  It takes money.  It takes hard work.  It takes sacrifices to do those things for you.  How many of you really care or appreciate the hard work your parents do for you?  Many will say, “that is a parent’s obligation.” You are right.  It is their obligation.  But, who ever said they have to do it the rest of their lives because you did not prepare for your future right now?

Graduation day is Graduation in many ways for you and your parents.


How many people know what the word Commencement means?  Many people think those words means the end of a journey, end of hard work, relax time, kick off your shoes, get you a cool drink of lemonade, chill out time.  Commence only means “Start.”  Not the end of the road of hard work.  Commencement/Graduation means, here is another point of going into a new place, time, situations in life.

Life ain’t no joke.  Even though there are comedians and funny situations in life. There are good times in life. But, don’t get it twisted—it ain’t all good.  Start building your foundation right now.

Work Hard
  Live with Passion
                   Be a Trailblazer

9:20 am

Literary Renaissance–2015

We Had Motown in The 70’s.

But this Time, We Can Rock wt Literature.

This Might Sound Way Off to Some People.

There Are Some On Point Writers, Spoken Word Artists, Screenwriters, Playwrights, Poets, Essayists, Short Story Writers, Novelists Out Here.

Great Stories are not only told through Music.

Give Our Committed Artists A Chance to Be heard.  If people only knew the Great Stories they could be Reading, Hearing & Seeing from Our Artists with Books, Poems, Plays, Monologues, Short Stories, Films, Spoken Word Poems, Little Books…so much more.

If Our People Only knew the many hours of hardwork our Artists put into getting this Art Out. It is not their Art Alone. The Art comes through them. The kind of Art I am talking about, is not fabricated Art. I am talking about Artists that let themselves be Vessels, being only Conduits of the Infinite.

6:23 pm

Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Why do we still believe in Fairytales?
no matter d Age
caught up
in Mental & Physical Cages, Fads & Rages
we should b leaving glorious marks in d History Pages
that’s hard though in a world like this
so much Ignorance Bliss
hit us in d mouth,
right hand fist
So much built on Sport & Play
by d time we learn d game
head full of Grey
dumb stuff rule our lives everyday
God created us 2 b Masters on Earth
but we come into a world
where we never reach full worth
shiny things & diamond rings
put our minds in d sky
while we inside cry
joy & pain
neither 1
stay 2 long
so much precious time,
sex games
men & women play
both wrong
instant gratification
lies & miseducation
preachers in d pulpits
hands out
4 dollars & change
nobody breaking down a Unity Plan
Long Range
seems 2 b our lot
we in d hot pot
our children
never getting real education
mental rot
lies thrown in they face 4rm day 1
we wonder why so many carry d gun
guys glorified
4rm Bunny & Clyde–2 Scar Face–2 Al Capone
this Hell Right Here
doing right,
ain’t glorified
it’s kicked in d behind,
year after year
no wonder we can’t get in gear
d only real news
is in D Hip-Hop Underground
this crap called News
made 4 a Clown
Conscious Hip-Hop Music
is about Real Liberation
Rap, Love, Trap & Club Music
is what it is
made to dumb d people down
so Big Money Boyz
keep money bags loaded 2 d ground
our minds
messed up
not mentally sound
Real Music
never touch d Radio
so minds light up 4 Real
Real Artists
catch hell
paying d basic bills
but dat righteous word b on em–still
in they music
Knowledge & Inspiration Spill.